Who moves all the furniture?


We will move the furniture. There are a few restricted items such as water beds, pool tables, grandfather clocks, adjustable beds/fancy sleep number beds, etc., but most furniture is moved by us. Part of the full-service dealer status means just what it sounds like, we move the furniture, take up and haul away the old flooring, install the new flooring, clean up. Most dealers either do everything I just mentioned or only the install of new and there is not much in between. We can customize it to whatever level of service is wanted. Examples would be: You want to move your own furniture and take up your own old flooring, no problem. You want to move your furniture but rely on us to remove the old flooring, perfect. Any combination you want. Most people want the complete service though.

** customers do have to move small items, breakables, sensitive electronics, clear out bottoms of closets etc. before installers arrive

** We do a fair amount of work for elderly people or people with mobility issues and like all of our services we can add a service to even move breakables if needed for an additional charge


What if my doors no longer close?


Most dealers have a strict policy that says they do not cut or adjust doors. We will cut and adjust doors because we feel like it's part of a "full-service dealer". There is a cost to this service that would be estimated prior to the job, not a surprise add on at the end. There are a few that we don't do which would be any door made of metal or custom front entry door. This is a rare situation though.


What about moldings?


We will provide and install the necessary doorway transition pieces, baseboard, quarter round or shoe mold. This is either stained or installed as primed white. We also can customize the job to include a finish coat of paint on the new baseboard/quarter-round if you want for an additional charge. Again, this is priced on the front end. I do not believe in the surprise of additional charges. The only time there may be additional charges is if a customer wanted to add a service they did not originally select or if there was unforeseen subfloor damage that needs to be repaired. An example would be: you have hardwood down now and we estimate replacing that with new hardwood, and we can't see under the old floor until we remove it. This is rare but does happen. The homeowner is given the opportunity to fix it themselves or have us repair for the estimated cost.


Will installers have to move my water heater?


No, that is a permanent fixture. The following are gas & water related items that we do move and put back:
  • refrigerator
  • stove
  • toilets
  • pedestal sink
  • washer
  • dryer

***These items are removed and put back/hooked up exactly the way it was before. There are times a plumber would be necessary if there is an unforeseen issue with toilet/sink etc.


Do I need to supply anything?


Not one thing! As a full-service dealer, we provide the supplies and service, because of this, we can offer our flooring warranty! Flooring manufacturers only provide warranties under certain circumstances. They require the product to be professionally installed by a flooring dealer that has used the proper methods, supplies etc. for each unique situation/material


How do I pick my floors?


You sit back, relax while we discuss different products in the comfort of your home. We bring all samples to you so you can see in your lighting with your decorations etc. New flooring is exciting, it's a big investment in your home but it's also a lifestyle choice. Having an expert guide you to the desired look you want in a product that fits your lifestyle in the comfort of your home is the ultimate way to purchase new flooring. I see customers all the time that ask for hardwood or carpet because their pets have destroyed the old hardwood/carpet. The proper choice for this lifestyle would be a more waterproof item such as luxury vinyl plank. If they walk into a flooring store, don't have a conversation about their lifestyle, get upsold on fancy hardwood, all they have done is flushed their money down the toilet. Our sales staff looks at the big picture to offer you helpful suggestions.


Do you supply the material?


Yes, always. As stated above, we are able to supply the materials and offer a warranty from the manufacturers. 


How do I schedule my service?


Give us a call! First, we will schedule an in-home consultation. The in-home consultation is to meet, discuss products, lifestyle, and budget from there you receive an estimate and we will place the order!. If the flooring is purchased, the material is ordered and the customer will be updated on the eta of the material by way of text/email/phone. Once we have an eta on the material, we will call to set up an installation date.

** We do offer rush service for people in a hurry **


What if I need to reschedule?


No problem, just let us know. We can reschedule the installation date or the in-home consultation.


Do you do financing for your clients?


Yes, although this is a moving target. Financing options change all the time with special offers but as a general rule we can get financing arranged.


How much will new floors cost me?


That depends on the quantity, type, etc. Carpet will always be the most budget friendly option and hardwood will always be the highest cost.


Do you offer free estimates?


Yes, our in-home consultations are free. Our pricing will always be all-inclusive (not itemized). There is no waiting for the pricing, the customer has the all-inclusive price by the end of the first consultation.


**If a full comprehensive itemized analysis is needed for an insurance company, there is a cost associated with that analysis.